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A God Warrior (神闘士, Goddo Uōriā) or God Warriors, are warriors protecting Odin and Asgard. These warriors came only in the anime. They have armors called God Robes.



Ódin is the revered god in Asgard. He keeps the poles frozen with prayers from his high priest, Hilda. During the battle against Loki, he took possession of the body of Lyfia and maintained contact with Leo Aiolia and lends him his God Robe.



God Warriors


God Robe

A God Robe (神闘衣, Goddo Rōbu) is the armor that protects the God Warriors. Each of these represent an entity of Norse mythology,[1] or monsters from the ice age.[2]

Odin Sapphire


An Einherjar (エインヘリヤル, Einheriyaru) is a marking used in Asgard, to identify warriors revived by the gods and necromancers. In Asgard, resuscitation of the dead is prohibited.


Ragnarøk (ラグナロク, Ragunaroku) is the final battle of gods. According what was said by Andreas:

Athena conspires domination of the Earth,
however Athena and the Dark King Hades are conspiring to stop the power of the Yggdrasill with the Greatest Eclipse,
invoking Gold Saints being resurrected as einherjar warriors sent to Asgard.


A Berserk (ベルセルク, Beruseruku) according to the tradition of Asgard, is a warrior without sanity who fights without fear of death. Andreas can do this using Odin Sapphires, but being out of its control is necessary to destroy an Odin Sapphire.


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