Lyfia (リフィア, Rifia) is one the maidens of the Valhalla palace. She first appears seeking support among the inhabitants of Asgard for a rebellion against Andreas though she is imprisoned and accused of treason.

In prison, she meets Aiolia, and asks for help. At first he denies, but then after she is recaptured by Fróði, he understands the situation at hand and dons his Leo Gold Cloth. After the battle between Aioria and Fróði, she changes her personality after seeing Aiolia awaken his God Cloth.

After arriving at Yggdrasill, she appears mysteriously in Helheim, and is protected from attacks Dohko by Útgarðar. She leaves and then has her memories come back to her, of her reviving the Gold Saints. She went directly to Vanaheim and interrupted the battle between Aiolia and Fróði, confessing that she is the perpetrator behind reviving the Gold Saints in Asgard. After Andreas commands Frodi to kill Lyfia, according to the code, Frodi is unable to do so, but Lyfia is stabbed by Útgarðar and disappears.

After Frodi defeats Utgard and discover the truth, Lyfia is revived at the statue of Odin after calling the Odin Robe. After the awakening of Loki, is found to be the Yorishiro's Odin and she prays for Aiolia and Aiolos in their battle against the False God Loki. After the final battle, she and the Gold Saints bid their final farewell. Aiolia entrusts his necklace to her and she falls to the ground, weeping when he passes.

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