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A young Japanese of 13 years called Seiya, was forced to seprarse his sister Seika, go to the Sanctuary to train and get the Pegasus Bronze Cross, one of the eighty-eight protective constellations for your warriors called Saint, after getting his Cross, he returns to Japan to see his sister but finds that disappeared while trying to go to Sanctuary. Saori Kido the granddaughter of Mitsumasa Kido is the one Who Have send all the orphans on a train Which She Makes A Deal with Seiya to Participate in a tournament named the Galaxian Wars for the battle for the Most Powerful Cross, the Sagittarius Gold Cross. If Seiya participates and succeeds in winning the tournament, Saori would start a search for Seiya's missing sister. Later, the tournament got interrupted brutally by Phoenix Ikki, which the Pope was the one who was causing the trouble. Seiya meets new friends and rivals to fight with each other against evil.
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