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A Specter (冥闘士, Supekutā) or Specters are 108 warriors who fight and protect Hades. These warriors are of Inferno once were people living on Earth, they are not souls or dead warriors are alive, 243 years ago their souls are sealed by Athena but their bodies are at rest. They wear dark armor called "Surplice".



Hades is the god who rules the Inferno and chief god of his Army. He is reborn every 243 years to start a crusade against Athena to conquer Earth. His soul is reborn on Earth in the castle Heinstein and choose to Shun as yorishiro. His real body is sleeping in his temple in Elysion. Read more...


  • Andromeda Shun
  • Alone

Twins Gods

The Twins Gods (双子の神/双子神, Futago no Kami/Futago shin) are two gods brothers located at the Elysion. They are the councils of Hades from the myth age.

  • God who rules the Sleep Hypnos
  • God who rules the Death Thanatos

Four Gods of Dream

The Dream Gods (夢神, Mushin) are gods under orders to Hypnos. They can manipulate the space in the Dream World.

  • God of Dream Oneiros
  • Vision Ikelos
  • Phantasos the Illusory
  • Morpheus the Moderator
  • God of Dream Phobetor


  • Pandora
  • Pandora (TC)
  • Pandora (ND)

Three Leaders of Inferno

The Three Leaders of Inferno (冥界三巨頭, Meikai San Kyotō) are the most powerful Specters to Hades service. Each dominates several Specters taking them as subordinates.

  • Wyvern Rhadamanthys
  • Garuda Aiakos
  • Griffon Minos

Next Dimension

  • Garuda Suikyō
  • Griffon Vermeer


Specters under direct supervision of Rhadamanthys

  • Harpy Valentine
  • Basilisk Sylpheed
  • Minotauros Gordon
  • Alraune Queen

Watchmen of the Inferno

  • Acheron Charon
  • Balron Rene
  • Sphinx Pharaoh
  • Golem Rock
  • Troll Iván
  • Lykaon Phlegyas
  • Deadly Beetle Stand


  • Frog Zeros
  • Cyclops Gigant
  • Deep Niobe
  • Papillon Mu
  • Worm Raimi
  • Dullahan Cube
  • Elf Mills
  • Gorgon Ochs

Ordinary Soldiers

  • Skeleton Markino


Protector of Star



Evil Star

An Evil Star (魔星, Masei) are a hundred eight stars that lie in each Surplice, which receive their title corresponding to these. These stars are based on the 108 Stars of Destiny from the novel Water Margin by Shi Nai'an.

Evil Stars
Star Kanji & Rōmaji User
Heavenly Fierce Star 天猛星 Tenmōsei Wyvern Rhadamanthys
Heavenly Majestic Star 天雄星 Tenyūsei Garuda Aiakos
Garuda Suikyō
Heavenly Noble Star 天貴星 Tenkisei Griffon Minos
Griffon Vermeer
Heavenly Crying Star 天哭星 Tenkokusei Harpy Valentine
Heavenly Agile Star 天捷星 Tenshōsei Basilisk Sylpheed
Heavenly Secure Star 天牢星 Tenrōsei Minotauros Gordon
Heavenly Devil Star 天魔星 Tenmasei Alraune Queen
Heavenly Space Star 天間星 Tenkansei Acheron Charon
Heavenly Hero Star 天英星 Teneisei Balron Rene
Heavenly Animal Star 天獣星 Tenjūsei Sphinx Pharaoh
Heavenly Horn Star 天角星 Tenkakusei Golem Rock
Heavenly Defeat Star 天敗星 Tenpaisei Troll Iván
Heavenly Guilt Star 天罪星 Tenzaisei Lykaon Phlegyas
Heavenly Ugliness Star 天醜星 Tenshūsei Deadly Beetle Stand
Earthly Unique Star 地奇星 Chikisei Frog Zeros
Frog Miyan
Earthly Savage Star 地暴星 Chibōsei Cyclops Gigant
Earthly Dark Star 地暗星 Chiansei Deep Niobe
Earthly Demon Star 地妖星 Chiyōsei Papillon Mu
Earthly Concealment Star 地伏星 Chifukusei Worm Raimi
Earthly Shade Star 地陰星 Chiinsei Dullahan Cube
Earthly Inferior Star 地劣星 Chiretsusei Elf Mills
Earthly Walking Star 地走星 Chisōsei Gorgon Ochs
Heavenly Solitary Star 天孤星 Tenkosei Behemoth Violet
Heavenly Harm Star 天傷星 Tenshōsei Mandrake Fedor
Heavenly Soul Star 天霊星 Tenreisei Necromancer Byaku
Heavenly Investigative Star 天究星 Tenkyūsei Nasu Veronica
Heavenly Defence Star 天退星 Tentaisei Genbu Gregor
Earthly Detective Star 地察星 Chisatsusei Bat Wimber
Earthly Curiosity Star 地獣星 Chijūsei Cait Sith Cheshire
Earthly Flying Star 地飛星 Chihisei Sylph Eduard
Heavenly Leader Star 天魁星 Tenkaisei Mephistopheles Yōma
Heavenly Savage Star 天暴星 Tenbōsei Bennu Kagaho
Heavenly Skilful Star 天巧星 Tenkosei Hanuman Tokusa
Earthly Guardian Star 地鎮星 Chichinsei Kagebōshi
Earthly Leader Star 地魁星 Chikaisei Atavaka Specter
Earthly Cause Star 地因星 Chiinsei Upyr Raybould